Sunday, March 15, 2009

’06 Mouton-Rothschild at Miami Beach

How can you go wrong with this combination at winter’s end? I attended the worldwide unveiling of the 2006 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild at Miami Beach with Baronne Philippine de Rothschild and a group of passionate fellow bottle-kissers. For technical director Philippe Dhalluin, this is the first year where his refined techniques joined a great vintage to illustrate what this property can do in the 21st century. There is consensus in the trade that Dhalluin’s ’06 is finer than 2000, 2003 and even 2005 Mouton, as well as being superior to its’06 peers. It is early yet to see its place among the historic great vintages of 1945, ’59 and ’86. I suggest 2016 will be the year to see where this wine will rank. I’ve followed the ’06 from barrel tastings at the chateau in the spring of ’07 through bottling and shipment this year and feel (considering Dhalluin’s skill and the Baronne’s commitment coupled with the natural conditions of the vintage) it reasonable to suggest it to be not just one of the greatest Mouton’s of the century, but one of the greatest in history. How fun to have this marvel occur in our lives’ time. Patience…

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