Monday, March 16, 2009

Cincinnati Auction indicates recovering economy?

Saturday night I returned as auctioneer at the Cincinnati Internation Wine Festival after a 16 year hiatus. I quipped at the beginning of the auction that my invitation was based on needing someone from out of town as a scapegoat in case things went south during a tough economy...indeed, comercial auctions were quite weak in the in the normally robust fourth quarter (Wall Street bonus) season with the highest unsold lot numbers we've seen in years.

Happily, four up-days on Wall Street and two dozen very worthy charities brought the brown shoes out of hibernation with full wallets and high spirits! Just goes to show: all you need is two or more people who want the same lot and the charity coffers get a much-needed cash infusion...

My deepest thanks to all the bidders and the tremendously hard-working volunteers and board!


  1. Wow 16 years!! I cannot believe it's been that long. I'm glad the CIWF went well!

  2. Scott,
    I can't believe I've gotten so fat, grey, blind and forgetful!